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Younger Looking Skin from Within

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Your skin deserves the best ingredients, which is why OM Med Spa only uses the highest quality products. Hush and Hush is a collection of luxury nutraceuticals and clean supplements that promote overall health and wellness with products for skincare, hair health, and digestive support. With more than 15 years of applied cellular research in developing precise problem-solution anti-aging formulas comprised of potent formulations backed by peer-reviewed clinical science. Deep rooted in transparency, Hush and Hush only source ingredients with uncompromising research, so that getting your daily dose of wellness is that much easier. You can count on every ingredient having a job to do and doing it well so you can live younger, longer.

If you’re looking for research-based skin care and anti-aging supplements in Boise, ID, ask us about our Hush and Hush line of skincare and anti-aging products.

What can Hush and Hush do for your skin?

Getting better skin doesn’t have to be a battle. Using gentle ingredients and antioxidants, Hush and Hush can enhance your natural glow by:

  • Helps to brighten dull skin
  • Hydrates skin from within for a youthful look
  • Diminishes the appearance of age-related spots and redness.
  • Decreasing inflammation that can cause discoloration 
  • Smoothes rough complexions by moisturizing from the inside out

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We stock Hush and Hush skincare products in our Boise, ID medical spa. 

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