Give Your Sex Life a Boost

Improve confidence and sexual function with vFit in Boise, ID

Your sexual health is an important part of your life. Om Med Spa understands that. That's why we offer the vFit and vFit+ devices. These were created to help women feel more comfortable and more confident about their vaginal health.

But don't take our word for it. Listen to the women who have used and benefited from vFit+ already. After using vFit in a 60-day study:

95% felt improved vaginal wellness
9% experience increased confidence with intercourse
89% felt an increase in sensation
95% found the device easy to use

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What is vFit?

The vFit device is non-invasive, hormone-free and easy to use. You'll be able to get spa-level treatment within the comfort of your own home. The vFit+ was designed with postpartum and postmenopausal women in mind. It uses red light, gentle heat and sonic technology to increase vaginal health.

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